• Vanessa Manente

    Vanessa Manente

    Vanessa studied International Relations at "La Sapienza" University in Rome, where she graduated with a final dissertation concerning the death penalty [ more]
    • Thraedable


      Thrǣdable is an emerging social enterprise that attempts to empower the marginalized many by bridging the gap between our planet’s myriad communities. [ more]
      • Tania Rempatsiou

        Tania Rempatsiou

        Tania is an educator from Greece, specialised in Sustainable Development at Stockholm University, Sweden. Currently located in Italy, she teaches in an [ more]
        • Nikita Diaz

          Nikita Diaz

          As a human rights advocate, Nikita Diaz has volunteered under the United Nations Volunteer Programme (UNVP) to assist in building indicators to assess [ more]
          • Margarida Teixeira

            Margarida Teixeira

            Margarida Teixeira works for a women's rights organization in Lisbon, Portugal, that advocates for gender mainstreaming in Portuguese society and works [ more]
            • Magdalena Mach

              Magdalena Mach

              Magdalena is a queer feminist currently doing her MA's in Gender, Violence and Conflict at Sussex Universityin Brighton, UK. For the past 4 years she was [ more]
              • Lin Zhang

                Lin Zhang

                Originally from China, Linn is currently a London based writer, poet and a Gender, Sexuality and Society MSc student at Birkbeck, University of London. [ more]
                • Ligia Andrea Mendoza Mejia

                  Ligia Andrea Mendoza Mejia

                  Ligia is from Nicaragua, PhD Candidate in Sociology from Salamanca University (Spain) - Oldenburg University (Germany). She has a Master's degree in Public [ more]
                  • Kefa Otiso

                    Kefa Otiso

                    Professor of Geography, Bowling Green State University, Kefa Otiso previously received funding from the University of Minnesota and the Rockefeller Foundation [ more]
                    • Joky Francois

                      Joky Francois

                      Joky currently is Global Gender lead based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Joky studied social forestry in the Netherlands and after that lived and worked [ more]
                      • Jessica Nudell

                        Jessica Nudell

                        Jessica is a recent graduate of the International Conflict Resolution & Mediation MA at Tel Aviv University. Before earning her Graduate Degree in [ more]
                        • James Harper

                          James Harper

                          James Harper is the founder of the Filter Stories podcast. Filter Stories are audio movies of dramatic, life-changing personal stories about people connected [ more]
                          • Isobel Edwards

                            Isobel Edwards

                            Isobel has a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and a master’s degree in Emerging Economies and Inclusive Development with a focus on gender [ more]
                            • Indiana Lee

                              Indiana Lee

                              Indiana Lee is a writer and activist from the Pacific Northwest who is passionate about women’s issues, social justice, and intersectional feminism. [ more]
                              • Hugues Séraphin

                                Hugues Séraphin

                                Hugues was born in Martinique and studied Tourism Management at the Université de Perpignan Via Domitia (France). He holds a PhD from the same university. [ more]
                                • Habiba Osman

                                  Habiba Osman

                                  From her role in spearheading a national campaign on the enactment of the Trafficking in Persons Law to her present position in helping eliminate violence [ more]
                                  • Francesca Freeman

                                    Francesca Freeman

                                    Francesca Freeman is a program assistant for the Next Generation Social Sciences in Africa Program at the Social Science Research Council. She graduated [ more]
                                    • Esben Marcussen

                                      Esben Marcussen

                                      Esben Marcussen is the project coordinator of the Greenpeace timber and peat project in the Congo Basin. He is based in Oslo where he also follows the [ more]
                                      • Easkey Britton

                                        Easkey Britton

                                        A marine social scientist at the National University of Ireland Galway with over ten years of expertise as an ocean and human health expert, Easkey connects [ more]
                                      • Avatar

                                        Dizzanne Billy

                                        Dizzanne Billy is a Content Creator, Social Media Manager, and Digital Marketing professional. She is an Outreach and Communications Officer at Climate [ more]
                                        • Diego da Silva Rodrigues

                                          Diego da Silva Rodrigues

                                          Diego is an applied economist interested in policy evaluation and quantitative methods. His main interests are around family issues, such as marriage, [ more]
                                          • Daniel Nzohabonimana

                                            Daniel Nzohabonimana

                                            Daniel Nzohabonimana is the director at Gisabo Media in Rwanda. He has a diploma in internet journalism and freelance journalism respectively from London [ more]
                                            • Claire McMahon

                                              Claire McMahon

                                              Claire is a researcher at a non-profit in San Francisco which is dedicated to engaging the public in a broad range of international affairs issues. Previously, [ more]
                                            • Chikere Thomas

                                              Chikere Thomas

                                              Chikere M C F Thomas is a national of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. With roots across many of the Caribbean islands, she considers herself a Caribbean [ more]
                                            • Brenda Roach

                                              Brenda Roach

                                              Brenda Roach is a British national who currently resides in Barbados. Born to Caribbean parents, and having lived and received the majority of her education [ more]
                                              • Beverly Goldberg

                                                Beverly Goldberg

                                                Beverly Goldberg is a graduate of Hispanic and Latin American Studies and is also interning at the online publication democraciaAbierta. She is currently [ more]
                                                • Ben O'Hanlon

                                                  Ben O'Hanlon

                                                  Ben has an MA in International Relations and Development studies from the University of East Anglia in the UK, where he explored power relations in the [ more]
                                                  • Ailish Craig

                                                    Ailish Craig

                                                    Ailish Craig is a recent Geography and Economics student from the University of Southampton, where she enjoyed the conflict in interests between the two [ more]
                                                    • Agodo Shabella Patience
                                                    • Amanda Pickett
                                                    • Burag Gürden
                                                    • C Milford
                                                    • Edward Alexander
                                                    • Femke Maurits
                                                    • Guillaume Biganzoli
                                                    • Jessica Magbuana
                                                    • Avatar
                                                    • Maria Jose Oomen Liebers
                                                    • Mehari Fisseha
                                                    • Pia Lorenzo
                                                    • Roz Lytham
                                                    • Sebastián Molano
                                                    • Sylvie Djacbou Deugoue
                                                    PAST CONTRIBUTORS
                                                    • Abdou Eloufir
                                                    • Aghiles Ourad
                                                    • Akanksha Mittal
                                                    • Alejandro Acajabon
                                                    • Amrita Dass
                                                    • Anastasia Georgouli
                                                    • Ardziv Simonian
                                                    • Ashley Miller
                                                    • Ayesha Constable
                                                    • Biljana Hutchinson
                                                    • Brendan O'Driscoll
                                                    • Caitlin Bawn
                                                    • Carla Spiegel
                                                    • Cassie Piccolo
                                                    • Catherine Graves
                                                    • Cookee Belen
                                                    • Cristina Orsini
                                                    • Daniel Areri
                                                    • Dave Benger
                                                    • Duke Mwacha
                                                    • Elizabeth Di Cesare
                                                    • Elizabeth Villagómez
                                                    • Fabia Ogunmekan
                                                    • Fiona Gradel
                                                    • Gabriella Gillespie
                                                    • Giselle Bernard
                                                    • Giselle Bernard and Alexis Bernard
                                                    • Gloria-Karin López
                                                    • Grace Ruvimbo Chirenje
                                                    • Gulnoza Khasanova
                                                    • Harmain Rukh
                                                    • Harriet Adong
                                                    • Himali Dave
                                                    • Imad Ibrahim
                                                    • Irina Asaftei
                                                    • Isaac K. Wilde
                                                    • Isatis Cintron
                                                    • Itlala Ahmed
                                                    • Izzah Anwar Nurul
                                                    • Jana Nguyenova
                                                    • Jecentha Shunmugam
                                                    • Joana Midena Perrone
                                                    • Julia Myska
                                                    • Justine D'Souza
                                                    • Karina Izquierdo
                                                    • Kate Kibanda
                                                    • Katerina Gladkova
                                                    • Kayla
                                                    • Kindra Calonia
                                                    • La Tisha Parkinson
                                                    • Laura Marano
                                                    • Laura Naude
                                                    • Lorenza La Bella
                                                    • Magdalyne Kanjejo
                                                    • Martina Abbà
                                                    • Maryam Faghihimani
                                                    • Matthew Burnett-Stuart
                                                    • Melody Sundberg
                                                    • Milkiisaa Cimdeessaa Wodajo
                                                    • Mohammed Hussein
                                                    • Mwila Agatha Zaza
                                                    • Nadya Khalife
                                                    • Nancy Landa
                                                    • Nawal Allal
                                                    • Ninoksha Maria D'souza
                                                    • Olumide Idowu
                                                    • Pari Trivedi
                                                    • Philippa Ndisi-Herrmann
                                                    • Rhonda Gossen
                                                    • Roger Hawcroft
                                                    • Rossana Karunaratna
                                                    • Rowena McNaughton
                                                    • Sabir Abdalla
                                                    • Sandra Dominguez Ortiz
                                                    • Sarah Bialek
                                                    • Seda Kojoyan
                                                    • Serena Natile
                                                    • Shagufta Yasmin
                                                    • Silvie Vale
                                                    • Simona Chirciu
                                                    • Stefania Mascolo
                                                    • Sunita Basnet
                                                    • Sylvain Mossou
                                                    • Thalia Gerzso
                                                    • Thomas P. Mitchell
                                                    • Tolulope Ajobiewe
                                                    • Tom Rhodes
                                                    • Tommaso De Cataldo
                                                    • Vasu Beepath
                                                    • Vegard Beyer
                                                    • Victor Prevost
                                                    • Victoria Akanga
                                                    • Yanet Muñoz Garcia
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