Thomas P. Mitchell

Thomas P. Mitchell

Thomas is an Environmental Activist in Liberia, West Africa. He is currently working with the United Nations Environmental Youth Action Initiative (UNEYAI) Liberia, a non UN group that is legally registered in Liberia and has its international secretariat in the US. He is very passionate about working on environmental issues, making communities in Liberia cleaner, healthier, safer and greener. Climate Change, Sanitation, and Deforestation are some of his interest areas. He is also interested in working with other environmentalist, activist, ngos, and environmental groups, which is one of his targeted partnership focus to pragmatically mitigate environmental degradation.
    • Africa’s road to a renewable future

      Africa’s population is set to double by 2050 and its energy needs will grow even faster. If current growth rates are maintained Africa’s GDP will increase seven-fold by 2050. Providing full electricity access to all Africans will require at least a doubling of total electricity production...
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