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    Thrǣdable is an emerging social enterprise that attempts to empower the marginalized many by bridging the gap between our planet’s myriad communities. Their mission is to give voice to the marginalized. They aim to raise funds for social projects that have substantial and long-term positive impacts and to raise...
  • Untold Stories of the Silenced

    Untold Stories of the Silenced

    Untold Stories gives voice to the very people who have had the basic human rights taken from them. Here, people who have experienced human right violations are more than numbers in vast statistics. Those who have their stories told here on Untold Stories are the exact people who have...
  • 109 World

    109 World

    109 World is a non-profit organization dedicated to enabling each person’s unique ability to make a change in the world by creating online movements, hosting global mission trips and raising awareness for the greatest social and environmental challenges of our time....
  • Child Migrant Stories

    Child Migrant Stories

    Child Migrant Stories – Voices Past and Present has been developed in collaboration with child migrants who came to East London under 18 from 1930 to the present day.  The website includes an introductory video and stories of over 30 child migrants from Turkey, Cyprus, Brazil, El Salvador, Poland, Italy, Southern Ireland, Vietnam, Jamaica, Antigua, Guinea,...
  • Nuba Reports

    Nuba Reports

    The reporting team and the Nuba Reports website were created to draw international attention to the increasingly urgent and underreported humanitarian situation, human rights violations and violence in the remote region closed off by the Sudanese government. Nuba Reports has become a crucial source of information for NGOs and...
  • Sound Foundation

    Sound Foundation

    Sound Foundation is a charity whose vision is to use music as a tool for empowerment. Through training teachers to provide music education classes in schools, and supporting artists to pursue a career in music-related activities, SF aims to build community cohesion in areas of socio-economic deprivation. Since 2011...
  • Defying Gender Roles

    Defying gender roles is a grassroots group formed by friends (men and women) convinced about the need to act purposefully in making visible alternative gender roles and to contribute in deconstructing harmful traditional gender roles attributed to men (and women) in society. They aim to empower men to question what...
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Words In The Bucket is a team of global citizens with the common goal of raising awareness and information about issues related to human rights protection, social inclusion, development and environment.

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