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Thrǣdable is an emerging social enterprise that attempts to empower the marginalized many by bridging the gap between our planet’s myriad communities. Their mission is to give voice to the marginalized. They aim to raise funds for social projects that have substantial and long-term positive impacts and to raise awareness about little-told or misreported social issues.

Thrǣdable is also a magazine. Their pieces explore peripheral tales; provide an insight into an underreported world; or expose journalistic bias and fear mongering. The magazine aims to challenge and provide alternatives to the tunnel vision driven by mainstream Western media outlets, in their use of tribalism, fear, and simplistic frames.

Thrǣdable is the result of an adventure started by Aghiles Ourad & Cristina Orsini, co-founders and co-directors.

Cristina Orsini, from Italy, studied social sciences in Amsterdam and has a Master’s in International Security and Human Rights from Sciences Po’s Paris School of International Affairs. She is now a nomad with a special interest in North Africa and the Middle East, and a passion for traveling and cooking.

Aghiles Ourad, British-Algerian, studied international relations at Durham and has a Master’s in International Energy from Sciences Po’s Paris School of International Affairs. He has a passion for Manchester United, photography, and cooking with mustard.

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WIB team was founded by Virginia and Marco, and joined recently by Francesca, Irina and Laura.
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