Virginia Vigliar

Virginia Vigliar | Co-Founder & Chief Editor

Virginia is a freelance journalist and editor based in Barcelona, consults for Oxfam in Spain and the Netherlands, and she is the Chief Editor of WIB. She is a passionate advocate of human rights and freedom of speech. And a meme enthusiast. She has worked in the development sector in Malawi and Kenya and Somalia before returning to Europe, where she gained experience in the United Kingdom, Norway, and Spain. To see her work, look at her website here:
Marco Principia

Marco Principia | Co-Founder & Web Manager

Born in Rome, his beloved city. Graduated with honors in Political Science and International Relations at Università degli Studi "Roma Tre". Currently employed at CIES - ONLUS as Fundraising Manager. Huge fan of A.S. Roma.
Francesca Aloisio

Francesca Aloisio | Advisor

Francesca is both an International Relations graduate and a dancer living in Rome. She is particularly interested in international issues, intercultural learning and culture sharing, as well as music and arts. She is currently a consultant for the UN agency IFAD (International Fund for Agricultural Development) in the communication division.
Anne Swisshelm

Anne Swisshelm | Associate Editor

Having formally studied anthropology in both the USA and in Europe, Anne now applies her knowledge in her day-to-day life working in Budapest, Hungary with students from all over the world. She has previously worked as a copy writer during her years living and studying in the Netherlands. While living in her home state of Florida, she was a leader in her hometown's community garden programs. Her research interests include: urban studies, infrastructure and society, mobility, space/place, community and sustainability.
    Akilah Edwards-Rose

    Akilah Edwards-Rose | Caribbean Column Editor

    A proud Trinidad and Tobagonian, and Caribbean woman, Akilah has spent almost a decade in France, Brazil and Belgium pursuing her career in country development and research and, by a twist of fate, promoting Caribbean interests abroad. Adept in policy analysis and cross-cultural relations, she has been a key player in developing an English-Caribbean presence in France, a contributor to deepening the Africa-Caribbean-Pacific Island youth presence in Belgium and a cog in promoting Caribbean music and arts in Europe. She is currently trying to master stilt-walking, hoping to become a proficient salsa-on-stilts dancer one day.
      Shiva Yahaghi

      Shiva Yahaghi | Junior Editor

      Graduating from Columbia University with a multi-background education and a degree in History of Art and Visual arts, Shiva is a passionate creator. She has been working on a documentary on anthropology and development in Papua New Guinea and meanwhile working as a celebrity chef on film sets. Based on a permaculture farm in Hawaii for the past three years, she is an advocate of sustainable living and eating. She is a yoga teacher, writer and reader, working to use creativity to inspire climate action, thriving community and equality.
        Sofie Holmberg

        Sofie Holmberg | Outreach and Social Media Coordinator

        With an academic background in international crisis and conflict management and communications, Sofie has a special interest in sustainable development, women's empowerment and social justice. She is also passionate about the interplay between these fields and digital communications. Sofie has previously worked with communications in the NGO sector in Sweden and Switzerland. She is currently working at ECPAT International in Bangkok, focusing on issues related to sexual exploitation of children in travel and tourism.
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