Nancy Landa

Nancy Landa

Nancy Landa is a Migration Scholar, Speaker and Writer currently living in Mexico. She is also experienced in bilingual public relations & digital advocacy strategy. Nancy holds a Masters in Global Migration from University College London (UCL) and she is currently leading initiatives that merge research and social action to create transnational networks of solidarity among migrants and advocates.
  • Central American migration: an invisible humanitarian crisis

    The wave of people fleeing violence from Central America continues despite efforts by the United States, and more recently by Mexico, to deter migration. Over the past year, Mexico has been called the “Mediterranean for migrants” in the Americas, drawing parallels with the refugee crisis in...
  • Crimmigration: The Unspoken Legacy of the Bill Clinton Presidency

    In the United States (U.S.), immigration continues to be a central issue debated in this year’s presidential campaign as candidates seek the nomination of their political parties in pursuit to win highest political office in the upcoming November general elections. Donald Trump is the right-wing populist...
  • Bienvenidx – Mare Avertencia Lirika

    Mare Avertencia Lirika is a Zapotec hip-hop artist from the state of Oaxaca, Mexico who is redefining Rap, a genre that for some is associated with aggression, violence and misogyny. However, for Mare, rap has become a means of expression not only of her indigenous roots...
  • In Transit to Detention: Child Migrants in Mexico

    Nearly a year ago, the surge of unaccompanied child migrants constantly made the headlines, making it the “new” humanitarian crisis in the North American region. Although the phenomenon of accompanied children was not new, the Central America–Mexico–United States migration corridor experienced this type of migration in...
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