Abdou Eloufir

Abdou Eloufir

Abdou Eloufir is an undergraduate student at Sciences Po Paris, interested in the link between markets and political institutions as enhancers for development. He is currently finishing his undergraduate studies in the University of São Paulo, where he is doing an exchange year. His areas of research involve a multidisciplinary approach to a wide variety of topics linked to global development such as inequalities, innovations and the study of democracy in developing countries.
    • What if we tackled poverty differently?

      What sort of a society would you like to live in if you knew nothing about where you would end up? Picture yourself in an aware state before your birth but without any knowledge about what circumstances you were going to be born into: which neighbourhood...
    • O fim do mundo

      Brazil enters 2017 facing a societal crisis. 60 people recently died in Manaus in the amazon region, in one of the biggest prison massacres of its history. Unfortunately, this bloodbath is just an additional, albeit shocking, example of the weaknesses and failures of the state, as the...
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