La Tisha Parkinson

La Tisha Parkinson

La Tisha Parkinson is a final year student at the University of the West Indies St Augustine reading for a BSc in Biology with a minor in Environmental Natural Resource Management. Her passion lies in ecology and related themes such as biodiversity, and conservation. A Trinidad and Tobago national, La Tisha simply tries to make a positive impact in the world with everything she does.
    • Blue Grenada: Caribbean’s New Frontier

      The Ocean Conference: Our Oceans Our Future At the opening ceremony for the Ocean Conference, held from June 5th to 9th 2017, the UN Secretary General stated that: “the health of our oceans and seas require us to put aside short-term national gain, to avoid long-term...
    • Why we need to preserve the Caribbean sea

      In the Caribbean Sea Ecosystem Assessment report, Professor John Agard and Angela Cropper, describes the Caribbean Sea as a distinct ecological region – the Caribbean Large Marine Ecosystem. The Sea was described in this way due to the interconnectivity of its characteristic habitats like mangroves, seagrass...
    • Strength in numbers

      Data is a collection of facts (numbers, words, measurements, observations, etc).  If it is only readable by humans, it is known as “unstructured data” whilst if it only readable by machines, it is known as “structured data”. In their report, “Open Data Impact: When Demand and...
    • Songs of cultural resilience

      The Garinagu (plural of Garifuna) of Belize are an indigenous group with a history that is as similar as it is different from that of other indigenous groups. Every Easter Saturday since 2014, Hopkins Village in western Belize, comes alive, in a celebration of the culture...
    • Grenada: Isle of Cocoa?

      The tourism dependent three island state, consisting of Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique, is the southernmost of the Windward Islands in the Caribbean. Historically an agrarian society, it is known as the ‘Isle of Spice’ or the ‘Spice Island of the Caribbean’ due to its production...
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