Ayesha Constable

Ayesha Constable

Ayesha is the Caribbean Representative of the Sustainable Development Solutions Youth Network and a researcher in climate change and agriculture with a focus on the vulnerabilities of small farmers and determinants of adaptation. She is also a youth leader and researcher who seeks to build awareness of and advocates on matters of youth, girls’ rights, gender and environmental justice. As an academic she incorporates her interest in youth issues and gender by looking at youth perspectives on climate change, and gender as a key determinant of vulnerability and adaptability to climate change.
    • Olympics fever

      “Wi girl dem run like Merlene Ottey, wi boys  dem run like Donald Quarrie- wi drink fish tea and wi feel irie”. This line taken from a popular cheer sung by children at Sports Day events across Jamaica embodies the pride of Jamaicans and our passion...
    • Hypocrisy and homophobia

      In 2006, Time Magazine called Jamaica ‘the most homophobic place on Earth’. Violence and hate crimes targeting members of the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) community along with harsh anti-gay sentiments in Jamaican dancehall music  had earned the country that title. The country is among...
    • Dancehall: Dream or Nightmare?

      At any time of day, from just about every street corner, bus or car, the loud pulsating beats can be heard around Jamaica. The hypnotic beats and unwieldy lyrics reverberate with the intensity of the people with whom it has long become synonymous. Dancehall music is...
    • Sun, Sea and Sex Slaves

      Human trafficking, often called modern day slavery, is a serious violation of human rights which affects almost every country in the world to varying degrees. More than 130 countries are affected by human trafficking, including in the Caribbean. High rates of poverty in some Caribbean countries...
    • China: the Panacea for the Caribbean

      According to the Jamaica Information Service (JIS) the most recently completed showpiece of Chinese engineering in Jamaica, the North-South section of Highway 2000 is 66 kilometres long and allows motorists to travel from the capital city Kingston to the resort town of Ocho Rios in less...
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