Himali Dave

Himali Dave

Himali holds an MSc in Latin American Politics from University College London, where she specialised in the socio-political and economic development of the Andean region, in particular: minority and land rights, social movements and state accountability. Based in the UK, she has worked at various international NGOs and is currently at ChildHope: a child rights INGO that works in partnership with local organisations to support children and young people facing the worst forms of injustice, violence and abuse, in Africa, Asia and South America. Her research interests include the politics of development in “emerging economies”, ethnicity and racism in Latin America and sustainable livelihoods opportunities.
    • Does aid for trade really work?

      Over the past two decades, the international community has increasingly considered economic growth as the magic bullet for poverty reduction. As part of this movement, Aid for Trade emerged in 2005 as the first global initiative to support developing countries to overcome the structural and capacity-based...
    • At a crossroads towards peace

      The use of referendums as part of a peace process is not the norm, but many states have done so to lend legitimacy to an agreement. For example, it was used to approve Spain’s draft constitution in 1978 marking the transition into democracy at the end...
    • Making education available to all

      Whilst the right to education is enshrined in the Universal Declaration on Human Rights (UNDHR, 1948) and later in the UN Convention on the Rights of Child (UNCRC, 1989), the international community has only been moving towards realising this in earnest since the 2000s. The key...
    • We need an international treaty on business and human rights

      Ever since business became part of the global human rights agenda in the 1970s, the question has never been if corporate activity should be controlled, but rather how and to what extent. The international approach for the past 40 years has been to incentivise businesses to...
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