Simona Chirciu

Simona Chirciu

Simona-Maria Chirciu is the Vice President of a feminist NGO – FILIA Center and a PhD Candidate in Political Sciences, working on a thesis on gender-based street harassment in Romania. She has a BA in Political Sciences from the Faculty of Political Sciences, NSPSPA, with a theme on Islamic fundamentalism in Iran (2012) and a Master Degree in Policy, Gender and Minorities, Faculty of Political Sciences, NSPSPA, with a thesis on street harassment in Bucharest (2014). Simona’s main research interests are in gender-based street harassment, sexual violences and other forms of violence against women, feminist theory, gender and poverty, gender equality and equal opportunities, social justice. Currently she works as a gender equality expert in a project on sexual violence against women in Romania. Also, she is an activist and she organize numerous public actions (marches, flash-mobs, protests) against sexual harassment and street harassment against women and write opened letters to authorities in cases of sexual violence against women.
    • Young Women and the City

      In Romania, a woman suffers physical violence every 30 seconds and every 4 hours a woman is raped! Regarding street harassment, there is no statistical data, although this is a daily and pervasive experience for women and girls in the cities of Romania. Moreover, according to...
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