Joana Midena Perrone

Joana Midena Perrone

Joana Midena Perrone has a Bachelors' degree in International Relations from the University of Sussex and is currently doing a Masters in Women's Studies at the University of Oxford. Her main research interests are gender-based violence and women's rights, especially in Latin America. You can find her on Twitter at @jollyjellyfish_
    • Marielle Franco

      #MarielleFrancoVive: why the hashtag matters

      Despite the spreading of fake news, the legacy of Marielle is still being upheld by activists in Brazil. In the past weeks, hundreds of thousands of people took the streets to protest Marielle’s death - not only in Rio de Janeiro, but in several states around the country....
    • “For no longer than necessary”: the issue of immigration detention in the UK

      The UK is the only member of the European Union that has indefinite immigration detention. Only until September, 2017 had seen over 27,000 people put into detention centres under the government’s new migration policies, according to the Amnesty International. Nonetheless, last week, Home Office minister Brandon Lewis faced criticism...
    • The suppression of debates on gender and sexuality in Brazil

      The topic of gender has become more than a hotbed for debate in Brazil – it has become dangerous. In November 2017, not only was the famous American philosopher Judith Butler harassed during a visit to the country, but local researchers have also had to contend with security issues...
    • Deaths in the uncontacted frontier

      On September 8th, 2017, the Brazilian government confirmed the killing of indigenous people, members of an uncontacted tribe in the Amazon. Tribe members were reported to have been killed by illegal gold miners – the exact number of victims and any details about their deaths have not been released...
    • How many LGBT murders can Brazil ignore?

      A woman is sitting on the road, in broad daylight – there is blood on her face, which she wipes with her hand. Several men surround her, armed with sticks, stones and slurs – they keep on hitting her and order her into a wheelbarrow. The image shakes as...
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