Edward Alexander

Edward Alexander

Edward is a researcher and teacher at Kent Law School interested in the nexus of law, politics and contemporary war. Edward completed his Master in Law at the University of Kent, in which his thesis compared Obama’s and Bush’s strategies and rhetorical frames used in the war on terror. His research has also addressed the contradictions of the Obama’s administrations supposed humanitarian principles and the failures of its targeting killing programme to adhere to international humanitarian law. He has continued researching in this area for his PhD, focusing in particular on how the US government attempt to legitimize its targeted killing programme.
    • The return of the American spectacle of war

      On April 13 the United States dropped the largest conventional bomb it has ever used in combat on an Islamic State stronghold in Afghanistan. The next day a Fox and Friends segment opened with footage from the military strike accompanied by Toby Kieth’s pro-US military anthem...
    • My reading against Trump

      Following Donald Trump’s inauguration as President of the United States, George Orwell’s classic 1984 has skyrocketed to the top of many best-seller lists. The theory and fiction included in this reading list may shed some light on how the U.S. arrived at this point, how we can understand the divisive...
    • Hot air and empty promises

      ‘he growing threat of climate change could define the contours of this century more dramatically than any other’ — Barack Obama ‘The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive’ — Donald Trump It might seem...
    • Brits opt out of human rights obligations

      In 2005 the European Court of Human Rights began hearing cases of Russian human rights abuses committed during the military conflict between the Russian government and Chechen rebel groups. The Russian military has since been found responsible for multiple human rights violations including torture, extrajudicial executions...
    • Obama’s targeted killing legacy

      Eight years ago, Barack Obama was elected as president on the back of a campaign driven by the principle of change. Obama positioned himself as the antithesis to George Bush. In particular, he stressed the need for changes to the war on terror; vehemently objecting to...
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