Victor Prevost

Victor Prevost

Victor Prévost is a junior geopolitics analyst living in Montréal, Canada. He owns a Master's in International Security and Defence and previously worked at United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime in Vienna for the Civil Society Team, and for the French Ministry of Defence at the Canadian embassy in Ottawa. Having a strong interest in northern politics, he currently runs a blog on economic and defence issues in the Arctic, at
    • Breaking the Ice

      With the melting of the Arctic icecap and opening of new sea lanes (see previous article here), many countries are expecting to benefit from the upcoming development of economic activities in the High North, ranging from shipping to mining, to drilling. However, the Arctic’s harsh climate often...
    • Arctic shipping: opportunities or danger ahead?

      Above the 66th parallel North, Arctic sea ice is receding at an unprecedented rate, thus creating new navigable sea lanes and business opportunities. However, the economic potential appeal of the High North is far from being a risk-free endeavour. Over the past few decades, Arctic sea...
    • Illiberal Democracies: Protecting or Controlling?

      Over the past few months, three Western countries, namely Canada, Australia and France, have been the targets of attacks that politicians quickly labelled as “terror attacks.” Now these three countries are all trying to pass bills that would extend the powers of surveillance institutions in order...
    • The US is quietly making “new friends” to better contain China

      The United States held a 3-day military training in February at its Northern Warfare Training Centre located in Black Rapids, Alaska. The event gathered 12 nations and aimed at enhancing cooperation and capacities in the High North. Black Rapids’ harsh climate and rugged terrain allowed the...
    • Arctic resources to boost Russia’s pivot to Asia

      The West is not the only global player to have its eyes on Asia. Russia is looking to become a key energy supplier for the Chinese and Indian markets and will use its Arctic gas to do so. Russia aims to diversify its oil and gas...
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