Isatis Cintron

Isatis Cintron

Puertorican Isatis Cintron is a climate activist researching climate social impacts and atmospheric chemistry for a PhD at Rutgers University. The focus of her research is on socio-economical impacts of climate change and mitigation strategies from a chemical perspective. She has work as the coordinator of the Latin Climate Action Network in Puerto Rico, empowering communities on multi-sectorial climate resilience for a sustainable future through innovative outreach campaigns. Also has collaborated with several environmental NGOs in PR. Now she is part of the Climate Tracker movement to raise awareness of climate change policy efforts through journalism.
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    Europe is experiencing the largest influx of people since the World War II. The key to understand the essence of this ‘crisis’ underlies in the word refugee, which is defined as a person who was forced to leave their country of nationality to escape war, persecution,...
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    2015 is a crucial year for climate change resilience. In December, the 21st United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21) is going to take place in Paris. For the sake of our future and the world’s, it will be necessary to reach an enforceable international agreement on...
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