Tolulope Ajobiewe

Tolulope Ajobiewe

Tolulope holds a Bachelor of Technology degree in Urban and regional planning. He is an Eco blogger/writer at EcoFreak (<a href=""></a>); who blogs about healthy and liveable cities as well as the use of technology in solving modern day urban problems. The Ondo State-Nigerian born, is passionate about how much attention people pay to environmental issues and discourses across Nigeria and beyond. He is a climate change preacher and obsessed with the preservation and protection of the environment by all and sundry where necessary. Ajobiewe Tolulope is an aspiring academic whose research interests include Urban Design, Transport Planning and Engineering.
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    Numerous industrialized nations have installed significant solar power capacity into their grids to supplement or provide an alternative to conventional energy sources. Morocco and other less developed/industrialized nations like South Africa, Ghana and Kenya have also turned to solar to reduce dependence on expensive imported fuels....
  • Nigeria and 2050 Zero Carbon Emissions

    Leading climate scientists have said that the only real chance we have of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees and securing a climate-safe future is if we phase out fossil fuels and our emissions to zero by 2050. They also say that it will require long...

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    In recent years, the concerns for the development of synthetic fuels, combined with soaring energy prices has sparked increased interest in renewable resources such as solar energy, water power, wind power and biomass fuels. This has made the call for renewable energy a global call that...
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