Martina Abbà

Martina Abbà

Martina Abbà was born in Milan, Italy, but she was raised around Europe. She is currently graduating in Development Studies and African Studies at SOAS, London. Her greatest passion is to travel: in the past 4 years she has been living, traveling and working abroad, enjoying learning new languages and different experiences, from being a teacher in Tanzania to being a bartender in Paris. She is particularly passionate about refugee issues and emergency relief, field in which she will eventually pursue her career.
  • The Ramifications of Poaching

    Last week Kenya burned 105 tons of ivory, which were estimated around 150 million dollars. The enormous bonfire was set in the Nairobi National Park and the President Hururu Kenyatta symbolically lit it in front of all the major officers of the country,  UN representatives, presidents...
  • The Guilty Volunteer

    'Voluntouring' is not just ineffective, but can in fact be very harmful for the very people it is meant to help.
  • The Importance of Gender

    Italy remains one of the last countries in the European Union without a specific legislation on civil unions, which means that if a couple is not legally married, it’s not recognized by law and therefore the de facto couple doesn’t have the rights and the duties which legally...
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