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Lin Zhang
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Lin Zhang

Lin Zhang

Originally from China, Linn is currently a London based writer, poet and a Gender, Sexuality and Society MSc student at Birkbeck, University of London. She has a Bachelor in Fashion from École supérieure des arts et techniques de la mode Paris and a Master in Creative&Cultural Entrepreneurship from Goldsmith, University of London. Having stud-ied and worked in the fashion & media sector, Linn discovered that popular media plays a key role in the landscape of contemporary cheap labour market, gender inequality and mental&physical environment damage. She is now focusing on doing research concerning globalization and subjectivity and writing reflections about her multicultural experiences. Linn seeks to contribute to advance gender equality and humanity and raises voice from the East through her writing.
    • Photo by: Steve Johnson/CC by 2.0

      The chase of beauty

      Fashion has always played a significant role in human life as an instrument of society, a manifestation of social and economic structures. It is a language that has the most recognizable sound; crafted on the bone and decorated on the skin – mostly on women.  ...
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