Aghiles Ourad

Aghiles Ourad

Aghiles Ourad, British Algerian, is the co-founder of Thraedable. He studied politics at Durham and has a Masters in international energy from Sciences Po's Paris School of International Affairs. He has experience in business development and marketing in the energy industry. He has a special interest in Africa, photography, and football.
    • A successful integration

      While much media attention is on Libya as a country of transit for migrants and refugees, a stepping stone on the way to Europe; there seems to be little focus on displaced Libyans themselves. The descent into chaos of this desert land has forced many of...
    • My language doesnt exist

      Ghiles El Kadi and I are sitting in a café in Finsbury Park, London, home to a sizeable Algerian community, on a day where he has no lectures for his Economics Master’s at Westminster University. “Sometimes I come here to talk about football over a merguez...
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