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Sandra Dominguez Ortiz
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Sandra Dominguez Ortiz

Sandra Dominguez Ortiz

Passionate about environmental issues, sustainable development and human rights, Sandra Dominguez is presently in London studying in the London School of Economics a Msc in Social Policy and Development. She is also an active participant of the Zero Waste movement and the Fashion Revolution movement. Moreover, she has experience working as a Project Manager in technological projects development.
    • Rethinking our economic model

      Ever wondered what happens when you throw something away? Unfortunately, our waste is not always recycled or treated. Our trash in so many cases, goes directly to the landfill and to the ocean affecting the whole planet and interfering in every ecosystem. People, animals and the...
    • Reducing your carbon footprint in 3, 2, 1…

      Your ecological footprint is the result of many individual choices. There are numerous ways you can reduce your footprint, improve your quality of life, and influence policy making. One of the first steps to reduce your ecological footprint is to understand the environmental impact of your...
    • The other debt

      The ecological footprint is a measure to calculate our impact on the environment and on Earth’s ecosystems. It calculates how much of the Earth’s surface is needed to provide the energy, water and other natural resources used to support our lifestyle. Ecological footprints vary depending on...
    • E-Environment

      Due to climate change, extreme weather events such as droughts, floods and earthquakes are becoming more common all over the word. At the same time, because of environmental degradation, populations are becoming more vulnerable. This situation increases poverty levels, mainly reducing agricultural income and exacerbating global...
    • The country that is disappearing underwater

      Scientific research indicates that the annual average rate of rising sea levels in the world over the past 20 years has been 3.2 millimetres a year, roughly twice the average speed of the preceding 80 years. The current situation threatens the stability of many coastal countries...
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