Nawal Allal

Nawal Allal

Passionate about economic development and Africa, she is Algerian and newly graduated from Westminster University (MA International Business) after being awarded the Chevening Scholarship. Prior to this she worked as a flow trader and accomplished both a BSc and an MSc in International Economics. She currently runs a blog that focuses on the development in Africa <a href="">(</a>.
    • One Winner, Millions of Losers, and Too Many Accomplices

      The poverty line is a World Bank estimation that defines the minimum required income to secure necessities of life, although it takes into consideration only tangible aspects such as wealth or income, it often illustrates the standard of living and the life quality. The line setting...
    • Aid: The Formula of Economic Disaster

      Aid, this assistance to achieve development has been idolised for many years, and was seen as the ultimate tool that can help Africa to end the economic struggle. Many economists and aid agencies have identified Africa as the region in most need of Aid because the...
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