Ailish Craig

Ailish Craig

Ailish Craig is a recent Geography and Economics student from the University of Southampton, where she enjoyed the conflict in interests between the two subjects. Ailish has spent time volunteering in Nicaragua, on a natural resource management and sustainability project. She has a keen interest in how developing countries will be effected by climate change and how impacts can be minimised, as well as women’s rights.
    • Protests in Nicaragua

      Facebook’s crucial role in Nicaragua’s civil unrest

      Nicaragua’s civil unrest has now claimed 448 lives since protests began on 18 April. Initial backlash started after President Daniel Ortega implemented controversial pension reforms, but the unfair treatment of peaceful protestors has led to more than three months of violence. The pension reforms were quickly...
    • The last drop: is Cape Town’s water crisis making inequality worse?

      Cape Town authorities were very serious when it came to water management. Just 3 years ago, Cape Town had beat 91 other countries to win first prize for the ‘Water Conservation and Water Demand Management Programme’ award at the C40 Cities Awards. The biggest water users...
    • Tackling climate change in rural and urban Senegal

      Compared to other Sub-Saharan African (SSA) countries, Senegal’s urban areas have always had better access to facilities. However, as climate change alters weather patterns and extreme events become more frequent, living standards in urban areas may be negatively affected. Urbanisation is an important process in all...
    • Think about your e-waste this Christmas

      During the holidays, many people around the world will receive brand new mobile, phones and laptops. Others may have taken advantage of the Boxing Day sales to buy new household items such as hoovers and washing machines. But what happens to the old phones, laptops and...
    • Photo by Lindsey G / (CC BY 2.0) / Source: Flickr / photo resized

      The rise of environmental conflict

      November 6 marks the United Nations (UN) International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict, an issue which has been become increasingly more relevant since the day was declared in 2001. The day aims to raise awareness about the effect...
    • Overfishing causing food insecurity in Senegal, and it’s all about China

      This isn’t a competition small-scale fishermen are going to win on their own. In a study by Frontier in Marine Society, researchers have found China catches more fish in a week than Senegal does in a year.
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