Mohammed Hussein

Mohammed Hussein

Mohamed Hussein is a high school graduate from Dadaab, and an aspiring writer. He has written for ‘Nation’ and ‘The Star’ newspapers. You can find more of his stories on his blog: <a href=""></a>
  • Refugee Shackles: Stories from Dadaab

    “I am a citizen of heaven, my visa stamped in blood.” Rachel Jones My family is one of the few who are in Dadaab refugee camps since early 1990s. Our story goes beyond Dadaab, stemming its edges from Ethiopia, setting its home in Somalia, and throwing its shadows to Kenya....
  • The Women of my Family- Stories from Dadaab

    My Sister and Mother Maryan, now a little girl, was very distressed. She could discern that her mother was sick, her father blind. Sometimes she would sit in the sun, crying. This however did not change anything. She started to help in cooking, and keeping the home. My mother...
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