Giselle Bernard

Giselle Bernard

Giselle is a Franco-British student of European Social and Political Sciences at Sciences Po and University College London. In Paris, she organised Model United Nations conferences, which developed her passion for international politics. She is now based in London, and her studies focus on the social and political aspects of sustainable development. She also recently became a volunteer in an association to support immigrant detainees in the UK.
    • Big oil: in or out?

      At the Bonn UN climate negotiations held from the 16th to the 18th of May, a heated discussion took place to determine whether private companies should be allowed to be present as observers in the Conference of Parties (COP) 22, to be held at the end of the...
    • Did the Paris Climate “Honeymoon” end in Bonn?

      The United Nations climate talks held in Bonn concluded on 26 May. They aimed to discuss the implementation of the December 2015 Paris climate agreement and set up a road map to the next major negotiations to be held in Morocco next winter. The euphoria generated in...
    • African Indigenous People against Climate Change

      Readers, if they are avid followers of international climate negotiations, may have heard of Raoni Metuktire, chief of the Brazilian Kayapo indigenous people, who rose to fame through his struggle to preserve the rain-forest and the livelihood of his people, but they may be less aware...
    • The Gendered Dimension of Climate Change

      Readers may already be wondering: “What on earth has climate change got to do with gender?” The perplexity is understandable, as attention to the gendered dimension of climate is relatively new, and environmental issues are often seen as purely technical problems, to be dealt with by...
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