Mwila Agatha Zaza

Mwila Agatha Zaza

Mwila Agatha Zaza is a writer, editor and development specialist with nearly 15 years experience. A gender and sexual rights activist, she currently resides in Helsinki and blogs at Hailing from Zambia, Mwila Agatha has an MSc in Equality Studies from University College Dublin and postgraduate education from the Institute of Social Studies in the Hague and Stellenbosch University. She’s worked in Zambia, Uganda, Ireland and Finland and firmly believes that corruption, in its many forms, is the greatest enemy of global, national and community development.
    • How Zambia is Failing Its Women

      For women such as Charity Chansa the completion of the Millennium Development Goals and the dawn of the Sustainable Development Goals has made little, if any, difference. Charity has given birth to three children, twin girls and a new born son, at home in her community...
    • The Reality Of Work For Women

      Women in the workplace. What image comes to mind, or perhaps, what image comes to Google? Is it a picture of women in a suit, portrayed against a clean white background? Perhaps this woman may be holding a clipboard, be seated in front of a computer...
    • Where is the LGBT Barometer tilting?

      A few days ago in Gambia, the president Yahya Jammeh declared that he will personally slit the throats of homosexuals. He’s reiterated his hatred of the LGBT community, increasing penalties for same-sex relations and has dared the west to stop him from implementing this regime. Whether born...
    • Is a Female President Enough?

      “Who is this fellow Political Will and why is he always missing when needed?” Roy Clarke (Spectator Kalaki), 2014 Hilary Clinton for the United States presidency. Once again we hear a cheer of victory from women’s rights activists the world over. Following the formal announcement of...
    • Violence Against Men – a Place on the Development Agenda

      Worldwide, a huge number of men are victims of violence; in homes, during wars and on the street. Men and boys are fodder in battle, crime and corruption and are brutalised during military service , police service and in prisons. However, an online survey shows that...
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