Claire McMahon

Claire McMahon

Claire is a researcher at an international affairs organization in San Francisco which works at the intersection of the private, philanthropic, and non-profit sectors. Previously, she has worked in Nepal where she conducted a study on women's workloads and the gendered division of labor in the context of community forestry. She has also completed research in Trinidad and Tobago regarding indigenous experiences and discrimination. She received her MSc in International Development from the University of Edinburgh in 2017 and has bachelor’s degrees in international policy and anthropology. She has particular interests in gender and social inclusion, foreign policy, aid structures, and seeks to understand the nuances around critical development issues.
  • The problem with empowerment

    The field of international development is rife with buzzwords—consider terms like good governance or rights-based—these are terms that are invoked often but offer only a shallow description of the issue at hand. When the United Nations Development Program, for example, states that it promotes good governance,...
  • How you can help children without volunteering in an orphanage

    Recently, Words in the Bucket (WIB) published an opinion piece, titled, “to stop the institutionalization of children, stop volunteering in orphanages.” This piece argued that the increase of foreigners wanting to volunteer with children in developing countries has led to an increase in orphanages and, subsequently,...
  • To stop the institutionalization of children, stop volunteering in orphanages

    A church in the Midwestern U.S. raises money for some of its members to travel to Uganda and volunteer with the orphanage they partner with. They show photos of church members with the children and the community lauds them for their good work. The church has...
  • “Fighting is a way of life”

    Tribal fighting in Papua New Guinea (PNG), where loyalty to tribe trumps loyalty to country, and an attack on one is viewed as an attack on all, is certainly not new. While PNG has not kept official records of deaths as a result of tribal conflict,...
  • Young mother with children at Nyamebekyere clinic in Ghana. Source: Flickr

    The importance of family planning

    If you are a woman of reproductive age, there is a 64 percent chance that you use some form of contraception. In Europe, this figure is 80 percent, while in the United States, latest statistics reveal that there is approximately a 62 percent chance you are...
  • Nepal’s forest women on the periphery

    Sabitra wakes up with the sun at 5 am. Her husband, children and in-laws sleep. She heads outside to start her chores for the day, feeding the goats, chickens, and tending to the maize which is beginning to grow tall outside of the small one-bedroom house...
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