Beverly Goldberg

Beverly Goldberg

Beverly Goldberg is a graduate of Hispanic and Latin American Studies and is also interning at the online publication democraciaAbierta. She is currently based in Barcelona, where she is completing her masters in International Relations.
  • Latin American feminism: What now?

    The Argentine Green Tide has evolved into a tsunami. The green bandana, characteristic of the feminist pro-abortion movement that began in Argentina earlier this year, is now internationally recognized, as well as their widely published hashtag #AbortoLegalYa (#LegalAbortionNow).   The Green Tide arose in the context of various other...
  • Being a female social leader in Colombia: a black hole

    Article originally published and edited in Spanish on Democracia Abierta Ana Milena Villa Villa put on her gym clothes and left her house towards a black hole in which what made her feel most alive in this life suddenly made her most fear death. The black hole of one...
  • A new president in Colombia

    Iván Duque has now assumed the presidency in Colombia, and these political changes will inevitably have an effect on the rights of the LGBTQ+ community. In his recent inauguration speech, he wowed crowds outside the Casa de Nariño with captivating rhetoric and a sharply tailored suit, but whilst he...
  • Will LGBTQ+ rights be on the agenda of the new Mexican government?

    Mexico is one of the most progressive countries in Latin America in terms of LGBTQ+ rights today. A recent study found that it has, in fact, had more openly LGBTQ+ politicians and has passed more anti-discrimination legislation than the USA. The same study also found that in Mexico, identifying...
  • The holy crusade against abortion in Brazil

    A group of politicians from the bancada evangelica (the evangelical lobby) have declared war on female reproductive rights in Brazil. Among them is Jorge Tadeu Mudalen of the House of Representatives, who recently modified a proposed constitutional amendment (PEC 181) to include a clause that would make abortion illegal...
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