Roz Lytham

Roz Lytham

Roz is an International Relations and Development graduate from the University of Sussex. She has been working in the charity sector since graduating from social housing to the resettlement of Syrian refugees on the government's Syrian Vulnerable Persons scheme. She now works on humanitarian and crisis issues for Save the Children. Roz has extensively travelled in Latin America and Asia, as well as volunteered on community development projects in Nigeria. She is passionate about human rights, having volunteered for Amnesty International, and empowering people to create positive social change.
    • Striving for progress in the shadow of a civil war

      The conflict Sierra Leone’s civil war was a long and brutal affair.  In addition to rebels and military combatants, over 50,000 civilians died between 1991 and 2002, and numerous others were maimed and abused.  Formed out of discontent following the country’s independence in 1961, the rebel...
    • A museum built from rubble

      Bulldozers fed at one of Rio’s historical favelas decreed as an “an area of special social interest” while residents clung to their houses in protest and used creative forms of activism to resist the unwanted changes. The reason? Building a stadium for the 2016 Rio Olympics....
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