Giselle Bernard and Alexis Bernard

Giselle Bernard and Alexis Bernard

Giselle is a Franco-British student of European Social and Political Sciences at Sciences Po and University College London. In Paris, she organised Model United Nations conferences, which developed her passion for international politics. She is now based in London, and her studies focus on the social and political aspects of sustainable development. She also recently became a volunteer in an association to support immigrant detainees in the UK. Alexis has been studying political science and sociology at Sciences Po Paris and is now specializing in International Development. He's also currently working with the New Zealand Human Rights Commission. He has a particular interest in solar & nuclear energy, climate change, as well as social identity construction. He is also a very keen travelling balloon artist and magician.
    • In Hope of A Solar Future

      According to a 2011 International Energy Agency (IEA) report, enough sunlight strikes the earth in 90 minutes to fuel the planet’s entire yearly energy consumption. Even if solar energy’s contribution to the world energy mix remains negligible (less than 1%), its tremendous potential makes it one...
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