Caitlin Bawn

Caitlin Bawn

After completing a BA in English Literature and an MSc in International Relations at home in the UK, Caitlin Bawn was left wanting a career that combined her love of writing with her passion for issues of international development. Caitlin is currently pursuing a Masters in Journalism at Boston University, with a focus on international reporting - particularly related to global health. In her spare time she enjoys photography, travelling and is the founder of social enterprise Epiphany, dedicated to combatting human rights issues through small-scale locally run projects. Website: <a href=""></a>
    • What’s Next for Women in the Gambia?

      On November 24th, history was made in the Gambia when President Yahya Jammeh publicly condemned female genital mutilation (FGM). Shouting over rapturous applause, President Jammeh said that the controversial practice had no place in a modern society, or in Islam, the country’s predominant religion. Just a...
    • Sexism in Mainstream Media

      The Western mainstream media frequently and consistently overlooks women, and the situation for the developing world is even more bleak. As put by Margaret Gallagher, an International Media Consultant, “Blatant stereotyping is alive and well in news reporting around the world. Nor is it limited to the...
    • Why Education Is A Powerful Tool For HIV Prevention

      HIV is sexist. According to an Education For All report, 60% of young people living with the disease are women; in sub Saharan Africa the figure rises to 71%. Simultaneously, the health benefits of educating girls becomes more and more obvious. As Secretary General of the United Nations,...
    • Protecting “India’s Daughters”

      Dubbed the ‘rape capital’ of the world by More Magazine, stories about sexual assault imply that no woman is safe in India. But is this accurate? Crowd Source, a website dedicated to research and advocacy around sexual violence, reports that 93 women are raped every day...
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