There were tears – Imany

There is no justice, there won't be no peace.

“There were tears”, a song by French singer Imany, is a tribute to Nelson Mandela and it was written shortly after his death. It’s a conversation between him and the today’s generations where he shares his fight from freedom, his experiences and he is telling them not to give up.

The song is also a call to collective memory, awareness and justice, as people are still suffering from lack of freedom today, in all corners of the world. The fights that erupt cannot be stopped unless the world take a deeper look inside the struggles, the injustice and the suffering. The main message of the song is that without real freedom, there will be no achievement of peace.

The song is part of her second album, “The wrong kind of war”, which will be released later this year. The singer said that the 12 songs will speak of “emancipation, freedom and responsibility” and it will be “more open to the world than the last”.

With a voice that used to be called “rough” and she disliked in her youth, Imany has learned to accept it just as atypical, and it is now something that gives her force in her music and her concerts. Tall and beautiful, her presence on the stage is powerful and feminine at the same time. Her name, “Faith” in Swahili, can also be used to describe the experience of listening to her, as finding “faith” in yourself.

Born in France from Comorian parents, Imany was a model in US for several years, an experience that brought her closer not only to the English language but also to the realization that since life is hard, it’s better to suffer doing something that you love. She decided to try her luck and returned to France to dedicate herself to a music career. Naming influences such as Tracy Chapman and Nina Simone, her music is a combination of blues, soul and folk; she released her first album in 2011. She sings in English, French and Comoran and she feels that she ” draws her strength from her multiple identities”.

With a strong interest in women’s issues, Imany has composed the soundtrack of the movie “French Women” (Sous les jupes des filles), the directoral debut of French actress Audrey Dana. She is also the ambassador of ENDOmind, a French Association fighting to “help, support and give value to all initiatives that make endometriosis more visible and improve its recognition as a real social and public health issue.”


There were tears and fears even in my dreams
The sound of my wound and my inner scream
They chained my legs, but I’ve been always free
I always do even on my knees,
There were no begin, there were no please
I always knew blood could be the price of peace

Sons and daughters, here I am
You can knock knock knock knock on my door
Be no laughters, here I am
You can knock knock knock knock on my door

Don’t stop fighting ’till some hearts start bleeding
Don’t stop fighting while they keep on lying
Truth never lies, they will fall apart

Empty pages and written stories, then no areas of the memories
Poor can be poor, they preach we were no man
I will be defined through their eyes
Check another hope, least we are alike
Freedom is in your mind

Sons and daughters, here I am
You can knock knock knock knock on my door
Freedom fighters, here I am
You can knock knock knock knock on my door

One must fallen truth will fall down
There is no justice, there won’t be no peace

Sounds from the Bucket
Irina Asaftei

Currently based in the Philippines, Irina is an international development professional with experience in non-profit and private sectors in Romania, Uganda, Singapore and the UK. Her interests lie around market-based solutions as a way of addressing human rights issues, with a focus on gender equality, access to health, and adequate housing. She holds an MBA on International Organizations Management from the University of Geneva.
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