• Yemen’s Bridge of Sighs

    When most people hear of the Bridge of Sighs, they automatically think of the bridge in Venice, Italy that stretches out across the Rio di Palazzo or Palace River. While their assumption is true, there is another bridge that goes by the same name located in...
  • Yemen Tuesdays: The Alien Beauty of Socotra

    The name Socotra derives from a Sanskrit name, meaning “The Island of Bliss”; these Islands are known as the most alien place on earth. The island is situated in the Indian Ocean between Somalia and Yemen, two countries torn by war, and it is filled with the...
  • Yemen Tuesdays: Mud Skyscrapers and Palaces of Wadi Hadhramaut

    Yemen ’s Hadhramaut Valley or Wadi Hadhramaut, is situated in the southeastern part of Yemen and characterised by mountains, valleys, and deserts. It is known to have been inhabited since the Stone Age. The Hadhramaut Valley is mentioned in the Quran, the Islamic holy book, as...
  • Yemen Tuesdays: Old City of Sana’a

    Yemen’s capital, Sana’a, is the oldest inhabited place in the world, and according to popular legends, the city was founded by Shem, the son of Noah. Sana’a is home to the ancient Ghumdan Palace, a 20 storey building, sometimes acknowledged as the world’s first skyscraper. Today,...
  • Yemen Tuesdays: Gingerbread Houses and Mud Skyscrapers

    Preserving Yemen’s Cultural Heritage Yemen is one of the most isolated countries in the world. At one point, it hardly made international news except when it came to the United States’ war on terror against Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, otherwise known as AQAP. But, much...

In the past years, the media has been inundated with pictures of war torn Yemen, a country that many associate to war, terrorism and disrespect of women’s rights. But Yemen is a country of extreme beauty and rich culture, and it deserves to be portrayed as much more than this. What you will see in this column, will make you open your eyes to this beautiful country, and broaden your horizons on its history, people and culture. This is a land that has been stepped on by so many during its life span: from sailors, to traders, to slaves, Arabs, Christians, Jews. The Romans used to call it Arabia Felix (Happy Arabia) due to the country’s fertile land. Enjoy!


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