Sebastián Molano

Sebastián Molano

Sebastián Molano is a Colombian gender specialist and development worker living in Boston. Currently, he consults for different NGO's on how to promote gender justice and engage men and boys in development projects. You can check here his TEDx Talk in gender isses: [a href=""][/a] With the support of his awesome life partner/wife, Sebastián writes about the need to engage men and women in a needed, healthy discussion about new and liberating re-configuration of gender roles. He leads Defying Gender Roles a multi-lingual group that seeks to engage men and women in how to challenge harmful prevailing gender norms and roles. Check it out: <a href=""></a>
  • Jump Like a Woman

    It is a cold winter night in the Northeast of the US. In spite of the weather, my love for fútbol (soccer, futebol, fußball) is stronger than the wind chill. I get my cleats ready to hit the tuft while I fix my hat to keep...
  • New Year, New Masculinity

    Since I was 16 years old, every 31st of December, I devote part of the day to reflect on the goals for the coming year. This is a thoughtful exercise that requires reflecting on setting expectations and priorities for the following 12 months. I include in this...
  • When violence hits home: the disruptive force of Gender Based Violence

    Sebastian tells his own account of how domestic violence has become a very close issue to him. In this piece, he wants to show people that it is an issue that is much closer than we think, and that most people are not sure how to...
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