Diego da Silva Rodrigues

Diego da Silva Rodrigues

Diego is an applied economist interested in policy evaluation and quantitative methods. His main interests are around family issues, such as marriage, parenting, gender, fertility and children, being member of the International Network of Child Support Scholars (INCSS) and the Parenting Culture Studies Postgraduate Network. Diego has also publications in migration and health economics, and is currently involved with human rights and democracy activism in South America. At present, he is completing his PhD at the University of Kent, UK, and is lecturer in Economics at IESGO, Brazil.
    • Two decades of gender austerity

      In a period when fiscal austerity has strongly returned to the international economic agenda, Brazil started 2017 putting into practice a plan which has been considered one of the most rigorous ones currently in the world. This plan, approved by Brazilian parliament last year, freezes government...
    • A tough choice

      The dilemma of balancing family and career is still faced by many women, particularly by those who are mothers. The social norms related to the traditional gender division of labour say women are responsible for housework and childbearing while their male partners shall provide maintenance to...
    • Transferring empowerment

      Since 2013, India is gradually implementing the Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT), a scheme which soon will be the largest cash transfer program in the world. It basically consists in transforming former government subsidies, especially the ones related to food and fuel, into direct cash transfers to...
    • Brazil to start all over again

      Rio’s 2016 Olympics finished on August 21st. Ten days later, Brazil’s former president Dilma Rousseff was impeached. The event, which a large portion of the population thought symbolized the entry of the country into the hall of developed nations, was merely the end of one more...
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