• Zhuliyan Zhelezov

    Zhuliyan Zhelezov

    Zhuliyan is a student at the University of Southern Denmark, currently enrolled in the Master’s program: ‘International Security and Law’. He has [ more]
  • Sylvain Mossou

    Sylvain Mossou

    With Masters Degrees in International relations and in International Human Rights Law, Sylvain has professional experience with NGOs, the UN and the European [ more]
  • Serena Natile

    Serena Natile

    Serena is a feminist researcher, lawyer and lecturer, mainly interested in feminist political economy, gender politics, critical approaches to development, [ more]
  • Sebastián Molano

    Sebastián Molano

    Sebastián Molano is a Colombian gender specialist and development worker living in Boston. Currently, he consults for different NGO's on how to promote [ more]
  • Sandra Dominguez Ortiz

    Sandra Dominguez Ortiz

    Passionate about environmental issues, sustainable development and human rights, Sandra Dominguez is presently in London studying in the London School [ more]
  • Maria Jose Oomen Liebers

    Maria Jose Oomen Liebers

    María José is an interdisciplinary social science researcher. She holds an MPhil in Social Anthropology from the University of Cambridge and an MSc in [ more]
  • Margarida Teixeira

    Margarida Teixeira

    Margarida is a Human Rights & Humanitarian Action Portuguese student in Paris, with previous background in Philosophy and Cinema. She is mostly interested [ more]
  • Magdalena Mach

    Magdalena Mach

    Magdalena is a Middle East Studies and Philosophy graduate from Austria currently based in Tunis. Fluent in German, English and French, she has spent significant [ more]
  • Ligia Andrea Mendoza Mejia

    Ligia Andrea Mendoza Mejia

    Ligia is from Nicaragua, PhD Candidate in Sociology from Salamanca University (Spain) - Oldenburg University (Germany). She has a Master's degree in Public [ more]
  • Katerina Gladkova

    Katerina Gladkova

    Katerina is a recent International Development graduate with a passion for environmental affairs. A field work project she conducted in Chile sparked her [ more]
  • Isaac K. Wilde

    Isaac K. Wilde

    Isaac is an Italian soon-to-be social work student, with a targetless passion for whatever strives to bring meaning in his life and in the life of others. [ more]
  • Gulnoza Khasanova

    Gulnoza Khasanova

    Gulnoza has over 15 years of professional experience in international development cooperation, having held positions in administration and public relations. [ more]
  • Guillaume Biganzoli

    Guillaume Biganzoli

    Guillaume is a French-American dual Master candidate with Sciences Po Paris and the London School of Economics studying International Relations and Security. [ more]
  • Femke Maurits

    Femke Maurits

    Femke has studied International Development Studies at the University of Amsterdam, where she specialized in WASH issues in urban settings and international [ more]
  • Edward Fairhead

    Edward Fairhead

    Edward is a researcher and teacher at Kent Law School interested in the nexus of law, politics and contemporary war. Edward completed his Master in Law [ more]
  • Diego da Silva Rodrigues

    Diego da Silva Rodrigues

    Diego is an applied economist interested in policy evaluation and quantitative methods. His main interests are around family issues, such as marriage, [ more]
  • Claire McMahon

    Claire McMahon

    Claire is finishing her MSc in International Development at the University of Edinburgh and previously obtained bachelor's degrees in anthropology and [ more]
  • Burag Gürden

    Burag Gürden

    Burag Gurden is a masters student at Lund University's International Development Programme. Before moving to Sweden, he obtained a BA degree in economics [ more]
  • Ben O'Hanlon

    Ben O'Hanlon

    Ben has an MA in International Relations and Development studies from the University of East Anglia in the UK, where he explored power relations in the [ more]
  • Ashley Miller

    Ashley Miller

    Ashley is a researcher and global education advocate with a B.A. in Public Policy Analysis from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and M.A. [ more]
  • Amanda Pickett

    Amanda Pickett

    Amanda Pickett is an American gender specialist in Boston and administrator for Voice Male, a pro-feminist magazine chronicling masculinities today. Amanda [ more]
  • Agodo Shabella Patience

    Agodo Shabella Patience

    Agodo Shabella Patience is a Ugandan Lawyer with keen interest on the Environment and Climate change. She is the founder and Executive Director of Green [ more]
  • Abdou Eloufir
  • Aghiles Ourad
  • Akanksha Mittal
  • Anastasia Georgouli
  • Ardziv Simonian
  • Ashley Miller
  • Brendan O'Driscoll
  • Cristina Orsini
  • Daniel Areri
  • Elizabeth Di Cesare
  • Fabia Ogunmekan
  • Fiona Gradel
  • Gabriella Gillespie
  • Grace Ruvimbo Chirenje
  • Harriet Adong
  • Jana Nguyenova
  • Jecentha Shunmugam
  • Karina Izquierdo
  • Laura Marano
  • Magdalyne Kanjejo
  • Maryam Faghihimani
  • Mehari Fisseha
  • Melody Sundberg
  • Milkiisaa Cimdeessaa Wodajo
  • Mwila Agatha Zaza
  • Nancy Landa
  • Izzah Anwar Nurul
  • Rowena McNaughton
  • Sebastián Molano
  • Simona Chirciu
  • Thomas P. Mitchell
  • Tommaso De Cataldo
  • Vegard Beyer
  • Victoria Akanga
  • Alejandro Acajabon
  • Amrita Dass
  • Ayesha Constable
  • Biljana Hutchinson
  • Caitlin Bawn
  • Cassie Piccolo
  • Catherine Graves
  • Cookee Belen
  • Dave Benger
  • Duke Mwacha
  • Elizabeth Villagómez
  • Giselle Bernard
  • Giselle Bernard and Alexis Bernard
  • Gloria-Karin López
  • Harmain Rukh
  • Himali Dave
  • Imad Ibrahim
  • Irina Asaftei
  • Isatis Cintron
  • Itlala Ahmed
  • Julia Myska
  • Justine D'Souza
  • Kate Kibanda
  • Kindra Calonia
  • La Tisha Parkinson
  • Laura Naude
  • Lorenza La Bella
  • Martina Abbà
  • Mohammed Hussein
  • Nadya Khalife
  • Nawal Allal
  • Ninoksha Maria D'souza
  • Olumide Idowu
  • Pari Trivedi
  • Philippa Ndisi-Herrmann
  • Rhonda Gossen
  • Roger Hawcroft
  • Rossana Karunaratna
  • Sabir Abdalla
  • Sarah Bialek
  • Shagufta Yasmin
  • Silvie Vale
  • Sunita Basnet
  • Tolulope Ajobiewe
  • Victor Prevost

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