Isaac K. Wilde

Isaac K. Wilde

Isaac is an Italian soon-to-be social work student, with a targetless passion for whatever strives to bring meaning in his life and in the life of others. His previous academic studies have involved cognitive psychology and modern literature. He is currently teaching English, writing short stories, and being publicly dispossessed of his true name by an on-going feud with shyness, hence his writing on WIB with an otherwise unnecessary pseudonym such as Isaac K. Wilde.
  • Hiroshima Mon Amour – Alain Resnais

    A linguistics professor of mine once told me: “One of the hardest things in life is to tell someone what a film is about”. If one were to believe him, it is all the more challenging when it comes to a landmark of cinematic art such as French film-maker...
  • Robert Wyatt – Lullaby for Hamza

    According to Shakespeare’s King Lear, “when we are born, we cry that we are come to this great stage of fools”. After coming into this world on the 17th of January 1991, amidst the start of the bombardment of Iraq during the Gulf war, Hamza al-Ghanem cried relentlessly for...
  • Racism explained to an alien

    Dear alien, first of all, it was quite a humorous experience to find out you also call us “aliens”. In English, we have come up with the name “humans” for our species. What about you, have you also chosen a random name for yourselves? To be honest, I’m not...
  • Prisoner for an idea

    ‘Any person who is physically restrained (by imprisonment or otherwise) from expressing (in any form of words or symbols) an opinion which he honestly holds and which does not advocate or condone personal violence’. (Amnesty International founder Peter Berenson coining and defining the expression ‘Prisoners of Conscience” in a...
  • Phil Ochs. Source: Wikimedia Commons

    Phil Ochs – Iron Lady

    Phil Ochs was an American topical folk singer-songwriter, most active, politically and artistically, in the 1960’s counterculture era. His strenuous advocacy of peace, freedom, equality, social fairness, human rights and human dignity inspired nearly all of his music, and that very same music, in turn, inspired or gave voice...
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