Dropping Ideas

Zeppelin- dropping ideas – was founded in Milano, Italy, at the beginning of 2015 as a blog of foreign policy by:

  • Lorenzo Carota (Milano, Italy, 1988).
    He started writing on the junior middle-school journal, causing it to close and creating a political scandal in the parents’ committee. In fact he was censured at 12: a good start. Founder of Zeppelin, he’s gradued in Psychology and Communication Sciences. Then postgraduated in Political Science with a thesis on geopolitics of the Arctic. He is interested in International Relations, Media, Information, Journalism. Currently works in advertising.
  • Eliza Ungaro Bayraktar (Milano, Italy, 1986)
    Lives in two country Italy and Turkey and works as a teacher of Anthropology and History in SSLM Carolina Albasio, in Castellanza (Italy).  She is also Director of Department of Human Science at Centre of Research and Studies Laghi. Founder of Zeppelin, she’s graduated in political Science and postgraduated in International Relations. She’s enrolled in a Master named Sources, History, Institutions and Law about the abrahamic religions.
  • Paolo Iancale (Foggia, Italy, 1985)
    He earned a Master Degree in International Relations at the University of Milan. Expert in digital communication and growth hacking, he currently works as digital marketing manager at the Italian NGO Associazione Diplomatici. He also worked as web marketing consultants for some Italian SMEs. Founder of Zeppelin, as well as president of the homonymous cultural association, he also collaborated with several italian geopolitical journals.

That year, unsatisfied with the Italian main flow of information, they decide to use their knowledge to explain what is happening around the world with a simple and clear language, accessible to everyone. Zeppelin’s contributors are passionate authors with different perspectives.

Zeppelin aims to inform about the political agenda of every player of the international system. State actors, non-state actors, recognized and unrecognized organizations, corporations, and even individuals that while pretend to find an agreement to save and secure the planet, they are fighting for gaining more and more resources of power.

Zeppelin has published more than 600 articles and become a cultural association. They love ‘culture’ and they promote it for free.

Their belief is that if people are more informed, they will be more prepared to reality. They write because they want to nourish their readers’ curiosity. They believe in the power of ideas and they have the humble vocations to spread them all around.

Thanks to new ideas, they say, one can reshape the world and lead every human to the very one job they must do: give a meaning to their existence.

Zeppelin is partnering with Words in the Bucket by translating in Italian one of our articles each 7-10 days.

WiB Team

Words in the Bucket provides a platform for local perspectives and informed views, giving a voice to students, researchers, concerned citizens, human rights activists and experts.
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