16 Days Campaign 2015 – Video

10 December, Human Rights Day, marks the end of the 16 Days Against Gender Based Violence (GBV) Campaign. Our contributors took us on a journey where we learned that,...

10 December, Human Rights Day, marks the end of the 16 Days Against Gender Based Violence (GBV) Campaign.

Our contributors took us on a journey where we learned that, while women around the world, regardless of their social status, profession or age suffer from GBV, there is hope.

We explored the work of organisations from Somalia, Cambodia and Nigeria who use education to fight for women’s rights, to stop sex trafficking and end child marriage, as well as the progress made by Uganda in the inclusion of women in the country’s decision-making process.

We learned about new approaches on how to engage men and boys in eliminating GBV as well about the importance of education in eradicating HIV and the reality of GBV in the lives of women with disabilities.

We discovered the importance of literature in portraying positive female role models, the real cost of GBV and the reality of women’s employment in conditions that nurture violence.

We got inspired by stories of courage shared by GBV survivors, a Zimbabwe member of Parliament, as well as by artists like Tom Paxton and Lady Gaga.

We were provided with tools from the Philippines and Romania on how to fight street harassment  and online violence.

The campaign is over but the fight continues! Use your voice to help women and girls around the world to demand a violence-free life and to claim their right to education!

Here is a short video about our #16days campaign. Thank you all for your involvement!


16 Days Campaign 2015 – Video
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16 Days Campaign
Irina Asaftei

Currently based in the Philippines, Irina is an international development professional with experience in non-profit and private sectors in Romania, Uganda, Singapore and the UK. Her interests lie around market-based solutions as a way of addressing human rights issues, with a focus on gender equality, access to health, and adequate housing. She holds an MBA on International Organizations Management from the University of Geneva.
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