women’s empowerment

  • The problem with empowerment

    The field of international development is rife with buzzwords—consider terms like good governance or rights-based—these are terms that are invoked often but offer only a shallow description of the issue at hand. When the United Nations Development Program, for example, states that it promotes good governance, it is not...
  • Is Brazil missing the conversation about child marriage?

    A World Bank recent study pointing to the costs of child marriage has brought again to the media the enormous costs this social phenomenon has for the welfare system worldwide. Despite being part of the Sustainable Development Goals, ending child marriage is still a far target to be achieved...
  • Transferring empowerment

    Since 2013, India is gradually implementing the Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT), a scheme which soon will be the largest cash transfer program in the world. It basically consists in transforming former government subsidies, especially the ones related to food and fuel, into direct cash transfers to the neediest people,...
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