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  • Phil Ochs. Source: Wikimedia Commons

    Phil Ochs – Iron Lady

    Phil Ochs was an American topical folk singer-songwriter, most active, politically and artistically, in the 1960’s counterculture era. His strenuous advocacy of peace, freedom, equality, social fairness, human rights and human dignity inspired nearly all of his music, and that very same music, in turn, inspired or gave voice...
  • Thaw in the time of Trump

    Cuba’s relationship with the United States of America (U.S.) has been afflicted with scepticism and antagonism since 1959. This was the year Fidel Castro and a group of revolutionaries eliminated Fulgencio Batista’s U.S. – backed regime in Havana and began reshaping the country’s social and economic systems. Establishment of...
  • Duterte’s precarious pivot

    The Philippines has been under a heavy spotlight in the past few months. Unfortunately, the attention does not correlate with positive news. Since Rodrigo Duterte assumed the presidency on 30 June 2016, politics and the lack of rule of law and justice in the Philippines have become increasingly perturbing....
  • Crimmigration: The Unspoken Legacy of the Bill Clinton Presidency

    In the United States (U.S.), immigration continues to be a central issue debated in this year’s presidential campaign as candidates seek the nomination of their political parties in pursuit to win highest political office in the upcoming November general elections. Donald Trump is the right-wing populist candidate for the...
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