• Apps against climate change

      Today, over 4 billion people have mobile phones. Even the developing world had internet phone coverage of about 54% by 2013. In India, more people have mobile phones than they have access to toilets. With 7.86 billion mobile phones in use worldwide, over 43% of users access the...
  • Re-imagining Working Space in the Cities of Tomorrow

    I spent more than eight years working in multinational companies. I used to be proud when I would tell my friends that I am in the office around 14 hours a day, everyday. It would make me feel my work is important and relevant therefore I am as well. Eventually...
  • How Toxic Is Your Computer?

    The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) defines e-waste as “any appliance using electric power supply that has reached its end-of-life”. “End of life” of a product means the product is due to be discarded. The question then is; how do we discard electronic waste in an environmentally safe...
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