sustainable development

  • Read books, change the world!

    The books we read tell something about who we are as individuals. The books we write, say something about who we are as people belonging to a country, to a culture, to a religion. Books have the power to stir social change, to enlighten, to challenge ideas, ideals, to...

    Nigeria: Achieving Renewable Energy for Sustainable Development

    Energy is one of the most fundamental issues for sustainable development. The importance of energy availability in the economic growth, social and political development of every nation cannot be overemphasized. Affordable and reliable energy availability is the precondition for sustainable development.  Sustainable development calls for an efficient, reliable and...
  • Environmental Crimes Fueling Conflicts

    The UNEA (United Nations Environment Assembly) published a report drafted by the UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) and the Interpol entitled: “The environmental crime crisis: threats to sustainable development from illegal exploitation and trade in wildlife and forest resources”. According to this report, environmental crimes are no longer an...
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