• The winner takes it all?

    Spain is home to an abundance of mind-blowing corruption cases. Consider, for example, the decade-long exchange of favors among wealthy businessman Francisco Correa and members of the ruling right-wing People’s Party. After a whistleblower’s evidence suggested that a certain group of companies had been receiving preferential treatment in the...
  • The Politics of Love

    Historically, women’s movements around the world have been speaking out against patriarchal structures and systems rooted in machismo– the concept that masculine characteristics are superior to feminine ones. In Spain, the cultural pervasion of machismo has had negative implications for violence against women. Though gender rights and roles have progressed considerably, the...
  • Lives for Sale: Saudi Arabia and the Arms Trade

    In January this year a leaked UN report by a panel of experts on the situation in Yemen confirms that at least 119 airstrikes by the Saudi forces have been targeting civilians. Médecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) have been first hand witnesses as a number of their medical facilities have been attacked repeatedly. The fact...
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