renewable energy

  • Chile’s Bright Future Captured with Efficiency

    In the past, it was implied that leading energy innovation and sustainable construction was taking place only in Western countries. However for the most part, developed countries were built upon dated methods drawing as far back or further than the Industrial Revolution, when Climate Change was an unimaginable threat. Due...

    Nigeria: Achieving Renewable Energy for Sustainable Development

    Energy is one of the most fundamental issues for sustainable development. The importance of energy availability in the economic growth, social and political development of every nation cannot be overemphasized. Affordable and reliable energy availability is the precondition for sustainable development.  Sustainable development calls for an efficient, reliable and...

    Beyond the Hydropower

    In recent years, the concerns for the development of synthetic fuels, combined with soaring energy prices has sparked increased interest in renewable resources such as solar energy, water power, wind power and biomass fuels. This has made the call for renewable energy a global call that has had its...
  • Africa’s road to a renewable future

    Africa’s population is set to double by 2050 and its energy needs will grow even faster. If current growth rates are maintained Africa’s GDP will increase seven-fold by 2050. Providing full electricity access to all Africans will require at least a doubling of total electricity production by 2030 from...
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