• How soil is much more than dirt

    There’s a lot of talk about water scarcity and quality lately. The conditions of the air, too, are often addressed, declaring states of emergency in some cities. Between serious drought and polluted air, solutions tend to be bound to decreasing our burning of fossil fuels and consuming less water-...
  • The Political Conundrum

    Since their discovery in the 1700s followed by their subsequent mining in the 1800s, fossil fuels have been at the heart of mechanization and industrialization. As research has proved, these environmentally unfriendly fuels have been the biggest negative accelerants of climate change and, as such, the world’s focus today...
  • In Hope of A Solar Future

    According to a 2011 International Energy Agency (IEA) report, enough sunlight strikes the earth in 90 minutes to fuel the planet’s entire yearly energy consumption. Even if solar energy’s contribution to the world energy mix remains negligible (less than 1%), its tremendous potential makes it one of the possible...
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