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  • There will come a day when everyone stands in front of justice

    Original Article was posted here   Abdullahi’s  story is quite remarkable. As the head of the media in Ogaden, Ethiopia, he had insight into a region that is closed to all other media. Working for the region’s President, he found out about horrible crimes against human...
  • The Ethiopia We Need

    We need Ethiopia to be a country where every individual is treated equally, regardless of their ethnic background, sex, age, medical condition, political or religious views; a country that does not favor or neglect one group more than other groups. We need a country where people...
  • Delivering Truth in Sudan

    In a  recent article about Independent Journalism, Libyan Freelance Journalist Ayat Mneina said in a that she was driven by one idea: that the truth would speak for itself and she simply had to deliver the facts. When working in a risky environment, many journalists are...
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