• Single, Childless, Career-Driven: Problematic

    On the 19th of March 2018, retired judge Paula-Mae Weekes was sworn in as President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Weeks prior, on the 6th of February, Trinidad Guardian journalist Joel Julien published an article confirming that Weekes was “not a lesbian.” On the 25th of May...
  • Why men?

    “I have had to interrogate masculinity, which I think doesn’t happen enough. The toxic privileges that come with being a man don’t define me, but I have to be accountable for how it shows up in my life every day.” -Tiq Milan March 1st marks the 10th annual White...
  • When two elephants fight each other

    Original article here   When two elephants fight each other, the first victims are the bushes and the small animals that accidentally get in their way. Similarly, when two or more superpowers, or ”elephants”, fight with their own self-interest in mind, it is the innocent people who are the...
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