• Tajikistan: woman’s business

    “My marriage was arranged against my will. It took practically a few days to make it happen. A few weeks into the married life my husband started beating me…” This is the story of Nodira, a young Tajik woman who has suffered abuse from those who, supposedly, should be...
  • How to Live to Be 100

    There is a little island in the Mediterranean sea, in northeast Greece, called Ikaria. The people living there have their own pace of life and living norms, most of which have somehow survived to the present day: in times of war, hardship, deprivation or in times of bliss, these...
  • After I lost my sight I got the vision of my life!

    Shristi KC, the founder of ‘Blind Rocks!’, an organization with a purpose to change the way society and individuals portray disabled people. Shristi shares how losing her sight at the age of 16 gave her a vision in life. My name is Shristi KC and I was born in Bhaktapur,...
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