• Abortion as a Human Right

    Abortion is never an easy topic to address, and the level of access to it (if at all) is usually something that each country largely regulates and controls on its own, without much outside intervention and consequences. Until now! Ruling on a historic case brought before the United Nations Human...
  • Peru: Will a Woman Make a Difference?

    Writing about the upcoming Presidential elections in Peru carries numerous emotions. There is a countless list of demands and needs of a population that is affected by daily violence and corruption and tired of the same old songs. Will a woman make a difference? To start with,  the National...
  • Murals in Peru

    An Art that doesn’t last: “Murals are born as a kind of art that comes from the street, and as a consequence it is not an art that is made to last, that is what I understand. It’s a marginal art, graffiti, that allows certain individuals to express themselves...
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