• Living with floods

       We have to face floods every year. Sometimes these are hill torrents while sometimes these are river floods, these flood and sufferings caused have become part and parcel of our lives. Razia Bibi, flood victim from Jaimpur, Rajanpur There are two main causes of floods in the Rajanpur...
  • Scarred for Life

    As Mao Tzedong said, “Women hold up half the sky”, but until recently violence against women and girls has lacked reliable statistics and surveillance systems. Acid throwing, also known as acid attack, has emerged as a new brutal form of violence against women that involves the throwing of sulphuric,...
  • Tackling Homophobia in Pakistan

    The LGBTQ rights movement has turned to good account this month with the launch of UN’s Bollywood inspired video promoting gay rights in India. Meanwhile in the neighbouring country of Pakistan, a children’s book addressing the issue of homophobia is quietly gaining steam. The book titled, ‘My Chacha is Gay’...
  • humanitarian workers

    We are not immune

    What are the consequences of the increase of the deaths of journalists and humanitarian workers in unstable environments to international aid and policies? We are not immune. With World Humanitarian day happening just two days ago, the recent kidnapping of two Italian girls in Syria and the very sad...
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